Does your child have

Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum?

If your child has been diagnosed with Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum, and you would like to participate in research, register now to be included in the study.

Introduction to the

ACC Infant Study

Our Goal:

We are seeking better ways to help children with ACC grow to their full potential by studying mental and behavioral development in infants with ACC.

ACC Infant Study

How it Works

Who Can Participate?

The parent or primary caregiver of a child who is:

  • Less than 15 months old.
  • Diagnosed with Agensis,
    Dysgenesis or Hypoplasia of
    the Corpus Callosum.

The parent or primary caregiver must be 18 or older and able to read, understand, and complete forms in English.

Participants will need to provide:

  • Information about their
    child’s development and their own
    well-being via online surveys
    and phone-based interviews,
    at up to 6 timepoints before
    the child turns four.
  • Copies of their child’s brain
    scans and/or diagnostic
  • Saliva samples.

Participants will Receive

  • Financial compensation at
    each time point.
  • Direct behavioral
    assessment at University of
    Minnesota, all travel
    expenses paid (only
    available for some
    participants in North